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A Sea of Opportunities
Why study Shipping & Logistics?

Making a career choice in Shipping, however, is not easy. Shipping and logistics are very dynamic and prone to quick changes. The fast-paced industry requires stakeholders to upskill themselves and reposition their priorities with the shifting nature of the industry. Thus, choosing a program in logistics is tricky as a redundant, old-fashioned, and outdated curriculum may hamper your ability to stay ahead in the game; this is where this academy makes a difference.

Karthas Academy has designed programs to make students future-ready. The curriculum gives special emphasize on technology and promotes a digital-first approach. As companies have started using intelligent technology to ramp up services, the industry is witnessing a shifting pattern on every level. Also, digital models are being employed at various segments to avoid redundancy. Tracking these changes, Karthas Academy has incorporated its curriculum to include new-age technology at the core of its programs.

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C.S. Kartha